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Top : European Spruce

B&S : Indian Rosewood

Neck : Okoume

Fingerboard : Rosewood

Bracing :  Fan

Scale Length :  58cm, 63cm

Finish :  High Gloss PU

Packaging : Gigbag

Strings : Savarez 510MR/Hannabach 890MT

Joluck E06 Impavido

  • In addition to the serial number, each Zora model also has an alias. The alias of E06 is Impavido. In music terminology, Impavido means "brave and fearless". We hope this guitar can give you the courage to face any challenge.

    The top of the E06 is made of European spruce, or Italian spruce to be exact. This type of wood is usually only used in handmade classical guitars, while factory-made classical guitars are more likely to use Engelmann spruce as the top. Engelmann spruce is white and delicate in appearance, and has a higher "value", while European spruce usually has some wide grains and light yellow mineral lines. However, the sound of a classical guitar with a European spruce top is incomparable to that of Engelmann spruce, which is why almost all independent luthiers around the world will choose European spruce as the top material.

    It takes courage to use expensive European spruce on a single-face guitar, because the unique appearance of European spruce will make us lose some customers who focus on appearance, but we resolutely decided to put the sound before the "appearance", which is why we called the E06 model Impavido. We firmly believe that this classical guitar with beautiful sound will definitely attract owners who know how to appreciate it.

    The top structure of E06 is the traditional Spanish fan-shaped sound beam structure, and the back and sides are made of classic Indian rosewood. If you want to have a classical guitar with a traditional Spanish style, then E06 will not disappoint you. Since European spruce needs a certain period of time to open up, its sound will become more and more rounded and transparent as you play. We can confidently say: E06 Impavido can be your first guitar or your last guitar.

    E06 has two sizes to choose from, 36 inches and 38.5 inches. The 38.5-inch size is the first size created by Zora, which can greatly improve the playing feel, and also make the sound more focused and projected better.

  • Within one year from the date of purchase, you can enjoy one free basic setup and guitar cleaning service.

    (Purchase record is required to use this service)

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