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Top : Canadian Cedar

B&S : Indian Rosewood

Neck : Okoume

Fingerboard :  Rosewood

Bracing : Lattice

Scale Length : 52cm, 58cm, 61.5cm, 63cm

Finish : High Gloss PU

Packaging : Gigbag

Strings : Savarez 510MR/Hannabach 890MT

Joluck E04 Dolce

  • Demonstration Video

    In addition to the number, each Jolcuk model also has an alias. The alias of E04 is Dolce. In music terminology, Dolce means "sweet and soft", which is exactly the sound style of E04.

    E04 uses classic red pine rosewood, and the interior of the panel is a wooden mesh brace structure. The carefully adjusted thickness of the panel and the finely cut and polished brace, coupled with the Savarese 510MR strings, make the sound of this guitar soft, rich, round and full. From the 1st string to the 6th string, the tone transition is balanced, and there is still good sustain and resonance even after the 12th fret.

    E04 has 4 sizes to choose from, 32 inches, 36 inches, 37 inches, and 38.5 inches. The 38.5-inch size is the first size created by Zora, which can greatly improve the playing feel, and also make the sound more concentrated and projected better.

  • Within one year from the date of purchase, you can enjoy one free basic setup and guitar cleaning service.

    (Purchase record is required to use this service)

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