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Flamenco Guitar Lessons

Flamenco is a musical style that originated in Spain, in which the guitar plays an important role.

In the Flamenco Guitar course, you will learn the basic techniques of playing Flamenco guitar, including fingering, chords, rhythm and speed control, etc. Then you will learn the special techniques of playing Flamenco guitar, such as Rasgueo, Golpe, Ligado, Picado, Palmas, etc., to increase the expressiveness of music.

The course will also introduce the styles and repertoire of Flamenco guitar (Soleares, Alegrias, Fandangos, Farruca, etc...), learn how to play some classic Flamenco guitar pieces, and understand the culture and emotions behind the music.

In addition, the course provides you with the opportunity to further develop and enhance your flamenco guitar skills. You can participate in classes, workshops and concerts, and communicate and collaborate with other students and professional musicians.

Flamenco guitar lessons are suitable for students of all ages and levels, whether beginners or experienced guitarists. You will gradually improve your playing skills and performance abilities under professional guidance, and enjoy the unique musical experience brought by the flamenco guitar.

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