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Guitacias Courses

Classical Guitar Lessons

The classical guitar is an elegant traditional instrument with rich musical expression and unique sound. If you have an interest in classical music and guitar, this course will be the best choice for you to learn and explore this wonderful instrument.

We are committed to helping students build a good foundation in guitar, starting with basic notes and rhythms, and gradually learning techniques and music performance. The course content includes teaching on fingering, pitch, music theory, music performance, etc., and the course content is tailored according to the student's level and interests.

Learning classical guitar is not only about learning playing skills, but also about experiencing and expressing music. By learning classical guitar, students can develop their musical sensitivity and expressiveness, and enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction that music brings.

Whether you are a beginner or a student with a solid foundation, this course can provide you with learning content and challenges that are suitable for you. Whether you want to become a professional classical guitarist or just enjoy guitar music, our course can meet your needs and let you find your place in the world of music.

(If there is an examination requirement, the course will be set according to the content of the King's / Trinity examinations and students will be arranged to take examinations and performances regularly)

Demonstration Video

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